we are having major problems imaging anything with a broadcom 44xx network
card in it, it PXE boots ok loads the b44.ko driver manages to get an
ipaddress and then comes up with a failure to tftp errror, i am seeing this
on a wide range of laptops and a few desktop Dell Pc's with the 44xx nic in
them has anyone else had this problem with hotpatch3 ?
its definately the network card cause if i disable the onboard broadcom and
use an external intel PCI nic it works fine (unable to do that on lappys of

also is there any documentation written in the last 2 years on how to
add/edit drivers in zenworks as theres no longer a linux.2 file i have
searched high and low but cannot find anything and even looking on
forge.novell.com nothing has been added there for years, i do want to
upgrade to anything as other things will just stop working and at the start
of term we cant have that.

Cheers in advance