Running ZEN 6.5 SP2 Imaging kernel v2.4.32-pre3 #4.

I recently recieved 6 new laptops and 2 new desktops to evaluate, part of
this is imaging these machines.

I was not able to image any of the 6 until replacing the linux.1 and
linux.2 files from the forge site. Since then, I am now able to image 5
of the 6 laptops. Before using the updated files I would be able to get
to the Bash# but could not enter any commands without the "command not
found" error.

The 2 desktops (HP 5700 and 5750) have issues with the network card. The
error just says "unable to detect network card. please check the
documentation for a list of supported cards". Where I am a bit confused
about here is those 2 models have the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit NIC. 4
of our current systems have the same card and I have no problems with
them. I'm guessing that this is updated hardware therefore I will need an
updated driver in the kernel.

I am also having the same issues with the Lenovo x60 Thinkpad, that has
the Intel Pro/1000 PL NIC.

My question is, do any of you have the linux files with the new drivers
compiled. Also, the forge site does not appear to have anything updated
in a long time. Is there another repository out there with up to date
files that people have made available?