How would I change IP address (and Subnet Mask & Gateway) a couple (60)
of workstations by remote with ZENworks?

1. Take a Remote Control to each workstation and Remote Execute Ziswin.
In Ziswin -> Modify Image-safe Data -> Just Imaged Flag = True and
change IP Settings. And Save Image-safe Data and reboot the workstation.
ZENworks Management Agent changes the IP settings.


2. Make a New Object with Console One. New scripted ZENworks Image
object. Script text:
zisedit JustImaged=True
zisedit IP=
zisedit Gateway=
zisedit Mask=
And linked this ZENworks Image object to registered workstation object
(ZENworks Imaging - Put an image on this workstation on next boot - Use
this image ... session).



Is there other way how is possible to change IP address etc by remote?