As part of our re imaging process, policy requires us to backup all
workstations before re imaging. this often results in images ~25GB in size.
(I am aware that it is not good practice to save data locally and ideally
backup images should not be huge. Unfortunately due to policy this is
ZENworks imaging works great, except that occasionally individual files
cannot be extracted from the image.

When i try to extract a file in the above situation i am prompted with the
following error:

"A decompression error occured while attempting to extract the file from
the image (-112). This file may not be extracted."

In the past i have noted that the file in question tends to be quite large,
(280MB) and is compressed in a fairly large image, ~20GB.

Have checked on the original PC and the file is intact and working fine.
When i backup the machine via Ghost the file is able to be extracted fine.

Any help on this topic would be great as its difficult to test individual
files and once the PC has been re imaged, if a file is corrupt in the
image, it is impossible to retrieve.

Cheers, Leon