zenWorks 6.5
XP professional

Im the end user helper of our school and Im having the following
This apply to both clean installs and just images installs.

The remote "get image" doesnt work properly due to the workstation not
getting any workstation object name or ID so it cant get any work on a
PXE boot. This is shown by checking ziswin after a manual installation
(-> PXE Ctrl - Alt ) wich works fine.

The only way for me to get around the problem is to manually log in as
local workstation admin on the workstation, through ziswin clear the
safe image and save and set the just imaged flag to false.
On the next bootup the values are given and will stick.

Now to work around doing this manually I wonder if there is any way of
distributing a regfix htat will set the right values to ziswin or any
other way?

Have been trying hacking values in ziswin and reading the ziswin manual
'Novell Documentation' (http://tinyurl.com/y6h4cw)

Is there a more clever way to do this to save time.

I do not have any acces to the zen server or any other server for that
matter. Only ConsoleOne and zenWorks to work with.

Regards Niklas