We have been working on how to resize a image partition for a larger
harddrive. Our sysprep image was built with a 20Gb partition but many
of the drives we have in the workstations are 80Gb. We have found that
we can resize the partition after imaging by using gparted livecd or
resize using the img script commands. However, recently I came across
that the partition size in an image can be resized using Image
Explorer|Properties. I tested it this on a test image by making the
partition 250GB and pulling it down onto a 200Gb drive. It appears to
work. I have tried searching this newsgroup for information about
changing the partition size using Image Explorer but haven't had much

Does anyone know of any gotcha's of using Image Explorer to set the
partition to a large size, say 250Gb, and bringing the image down onto
smaller harddrives,e.g. 80Gb?

Thanks for any input,