With the 6.5 SP2 IR1 materials, PXE boot ends up in a 80x25 mode, whereas CD
boot is completely different -- 80x50 at least, and in a different-looking

It is important to me that all my materials and up in the same resolution,
otherwise it difficult to lay out my screens.

I can't find where the difference comes from. It doesn't appear to come
from the kernel (I have swapped them and still got the same behavior). It
doesn't appear to come from the kernel parameters; I have fiddled with these
to no effect. I can't find anywhere else to look.

I have even tried using rdev to force the kernel into a particular video
mode. When I then use this kernel to boot PXE, it does indeed at first
appear in the video mode I have specified. But later, seemingly when
linuxrc finishes, it switches back into 80x25 again!

Does anyone know where this setting is coming from?