OK, I know you're all going to think I'm completely crazy but here goes.

I have my own complex scripts that we use to automate our imaging
environment. I'm in the process of trying to change over from basing this
on a 4.x-style set of materials to a 6.5-style set of materials (I believe
it's officially 6.5.3 or something like that; we got it from 6.5 SP2 IR1).

Because our imaging process is automated, we call our scripts from the end
of the Novell scripts. In this newer version the obvious jumping-off place
appears to be zenworks.s. So, I simply insert a call to my script as
appropriate into that file.

But things that used to work fine behave strangely. I'm not talking about
the kinds of things you would expect to change between versions, but rather
extremely low-level stuff. Here are some examples:

1. rm -f filename
.... gives an error message:
rm: -f: No such file or directory
(note that it does still delete the file; it seems to think that "-f" is
meant to be taken as the name of another file to delete!)

2. ls
....doesn't list the way you would expect; normally a plain ls gives a list
very similar to dir /b/w, i.e. it is a wide list. But ls at this time gives
me a list that is not wide, i.e. where I would expect to see
. .. fred joe bill
I instead get