We have some new hardware like the Dell Optiplex 745 and the PoweEdge 1950
which are not working directly with Zfd6.5SP2.
Dell OptiPlex 745: Nic not found and harddisk only seen in legacy mode.
PE1950: Nic not found (Broadcom Netxtreme II, 5708 chipset)

We have upgrade Zen to ZfD6.5SP2ir1.
We have downloaded from the following site, new pxe files (Thanks Jim)
with a recent linux kernel (2.6.18)

These are pxe files for ZfD7.0SP1.

In this configuration all hardware is recognized.

We have tested imaging from the bash shell, re-imaging from an scripted e-
dir object. Until now, it works like a charm.

I know, Novell will not support this. But i doubt if they support new
hardware for Zfd6.5 from now on.

It's just a way how we can work with ZfD6.5.