This error appeared after MS Updates ran on the PC. After turning on the
PC and getting into Windows the customer receives a "Generic Host for
Win32 Services" error and the computer freezes. They are unable to work.

I restarted the PC and ran taskmanager to kill the NAL processes and then
removed Zenworks Desktop Management and reinstalled it to fix the
problem. This seemed to resolve the problem on a number of PCs.

A few user's PCs still had this problem arise. I found a HotFix from
Microsoft. KB894391. On these PCs I removed Zenworks and installed
Microsoft's Hotfix KB894391 and then reinstalled Zenworks to fix the

However, there were still a few users that for whatever reason, kept
seeing the error. I noticed that the SVCHOST process Mem Usage in Task
Manager would continue to grow in size until it reached over 100,000 KB,
then the process would crash with the "Generic Host Process for Win32
Services" error, thus freezing the PC.

A client indicated that her husband had found a fix. The fix was to
install MSN Messenger. I installed MSN Messenger and immediately, the
SVCHOST process mem usage in Task Manager stabilized and the problem
never manifested again. I am not sure exactly what the problem is, but
these findings I pass on to you.