I've got a network were 4 subnet's are connected to the 4 nic's of
netware server. On 3 subnets's there are clients connected. The 4th
subnet is to provide internet connectivity for the first 2 subnets.
The third subnet has its own internet connectivity.

Manual imaging works fine on all subnets. Auto-imaging works fine on
the first 2 subnets. If I plan an image roll-out or take on the third
subnet, the client recognises the settings and starts to boot to the
linux environment. At the last blue screen, nothing happens for a
time. In the end it say's "cannot connect to proxy server".

I then made a trace of the communication between the client and the

>From the beginning, all communication is with the NIC of the server on

the same subnet. In the end there is a frame from the server where it
specifies what image to take and what proxy to use.

It specifies the IP address of nic used for internet connectivity.
This IP is not and can not be made routable for this 3rd subnet.

So I have to change this IP address.

As fare as I have tested, this can not be set with the

pdhcp.ini, tftp.ini and dts.ini, or i didn't unload and reload enough

Currently, there is nothing specified in these files.

I further thought about the image objects themselves. I looked at
with C1 without ZEN plugins, but in the other page. it specifies the
server only by name.

I already set the default IP address of the server to another NIC
can be used for all subnet's but as of yet no solution.

Any suggestions anyone,

Thomas Roes
There is no one at thoma...@xs4all.nl