I've run into something that I can't explain, and I'm not sure how to work
around. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We just got a new load of Dell Optiplex 745 machines. Unfortunately, the
imaging engine for Zen6.5sp2 doesn't include a NIC driver for it. So I
downloaded the Boot CD ISO for Zen 7, it is included there. I boot from the
CD and use the Imaging engine to load our image. In the past, our image
will load the machine and in the process, run ZisClearNT.exe to clear the
Image safe data. However, it seems that ZisClearNT isn't doing its job
properly. Zenworks attempts to restore the image safe data in the process
which isn't what I want.

Is there an incompatibility in the ZicClearNT and Zenworks 7 imaging engine?
I read somewhere about having changed where the image safe data is stored or

Can anyone shed some light on the subject and perhaps let me know how to get
ZisClearNT to do it's job, it works perfectly under Zen6.5.

Brian W.