Hello, I am new to Zenworks Imaging, but I have lots of the pieces working
on our system. One bit that I don't understand is the Image-Safe Data, so
I'm wondering if someone can enlighten me. Here's our setup ...


A school district with three primary servers:

- The big Novell 6.5 Server with eDirectory and the usual Novell goodness
- A second server with SUSE Linux OES 9, DNS, Groupwise 7, and Zenworks 7.
- A third server with SUSE Linux OES 9 and DHCP.

I am new, and these folks currently use Ghost - but now want to switch to
Zenworks Imaging. I successfully started all the Zenworks services on the
SUSE server, checked to make sure our Windows XP SP2 lab computers (already
registered in eDirectory) have the Zenworks client software (they do), and
enabled PXE image uploads and downloads for individual computers using
Console One. So far so good! The school district has a numbering scheme for
their workstations (all the computers are in the same NDS STATION container
and are named HSLAB01, HSLAB02, HSLAB03, etc). I used Ghost to install a
fresh image on a lab computer, changed the Image-Safe Data to HSLABxx, and
copied the image to the server. I didn't change any of the ZisWin mask
settings (they are all cleared and empty), nor did I clear the SID information.


When the computer finishes the imaging process and restarts, I always end
up with a computer named HSLABxx (instead of HSLAB01 or HSLAB02 or whatever
the Image-Safe Data should change on that computer). Except for this issue,
it seems like everything else (PXE startup, PXE imaging, etc) works fine
(although I could have other issues I'm not aware of).


I have tried an increasingly confusing number of changes to the ZisWin
interface before imaging, including checking and unchecking the mask
options, clearing the SID information, etc. with no good results. There is
also one "wild card" in that the computers start up and log in as a Windows
Limited Account (and not an Administrator-level account). I was wondering
if the ZisWin and image-safe data writing requires an administrator-level
login (but from what I'm reading online, the image-safe data is written
before the Windows login). There is one other issue I can find - when I use
the "rpm -qa | grep novell-z" command at the console, there are no 7.0.1
files listed, so I think my Zenworks installation is only 7.0 (but I don't
want to change anything until I track down the likely source of this problem).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mike O'Reilly