Can someone please explain the mysteries of using File Sets via Image
Explorer. I understand the principle that you can right click on files and
set them as active in only certain file-sets. What purplexes me is that I
can only add one copy of a file to the image - what I want to do is have
multiple versions of some files and specify the file set in the image

We want to use a single base image for all/most of our workstations and
have the hal and ntoskrnl files for each hardware abstraction type as a
file set.

Someone told me I needed to use add on images for the different file-sets
because you can't have two sets of the same files on a single image - in
which case my question is do I then need to bother with file sets at all
and what are the point of file sets.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me!



MCNE Netware 6.x