Hi all,

I run 12 ZEN 4 IR6 networks all on NW 6.5 and have had nothing but trouble
finding linux files to get new machines to work on PXE imaging. I have
little to no experience with Linux and have done my best to stumble through
the TID's on how to add drivers to the Linux.2 files. I am currently
working on HP DC7700 desktops with Intel NIC's I have followed forums and
gone to the Forge site to get e1000.ko and installed a SUSE Linux machine
insert the driver. I followed the Cool Soultion tip 3399 to open the file
and then I was told to put the e1000.ko file in /lib/.../drivers/net folder
with the others that are there. I did that and compressed it backup and
in on my server and still nothing. What am I missing? I know this is easy
for all you hard core Linux guys but it is hard for us Network people who
until now have only had to deal with NetWare and Windows. Is there an "Add
NIC drivers to Zen PXE Imaging for Dummies" I can get my hands on or
something? It is very frustrating when a truck load of computers shows up
and you can't get them out because you have to figure out how to recompile
the kernel or whatever it is I am trying to do. :)
I am not venting on you the people who have helped me so many times. I am
begging for someone to design a better way to get these drivers in so we
get on with supporting our networks and less time "coding".

Please, any suggestions?