I have a nasty issue at our site currently. We support a complex
environment with 2 seperate networks, 2 SOE's and zen4 and zen 6.5.

Our new Lenovo pc's being the M55 and T60 are experiencing booting
issues where they fail to get past the window xp splash screen. We
running XP Sp1 pc's. THe pc's can be imaged and the users profile
configured, the pc then dispatched to user it maybe ok for some days
before the boot problem arises. But sometimes the pc will fail after
pulling down the image from our distribution server. Both the M55
(desktop) and the T60 (laptop) are SATA. When a faulty pc come back to
us we can run a checkdisk it this will fix the errors and allow the pc
boot and run normally.

Every pc identifies the same curruption when running checkdisk, the
error is -

corrupt attribute type 176 in file 9

Well at the moment after extensive testing we are stumpted?
I can offer much more techical information if required, if anyone can
shed some light on our delema is would be greatly appreciated.

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Tim (aus)