I have an image for multiple Dell laptops that I want to add support to
for another laptop(Fujitsu tablet). There are two different Alps
touchpad/pointing device drivers that are not interchangeable. One only
works with the Dell laptops and the other only works with the Fujitsu.
The Dell driver is loading on the Fujitsu and I think windows is choosing
the wrong one because it is a newer version even though it does not work.
Here is the part of the inf section for the hardware id from each inf
driver file.

For the Dell touchpad
%Mfg.Desc% = CompanyMfg

%Apoint.DeviceDesc% =
MouFilter_Inst,*PNP0F13,*PNP0F03,*PNP0F0E,*PNP0F0b ,*PNP0F12
%Apoint.DeviceDesc% = MouFilter_Inst,*AUI0300 ; DELL Comaneci
%Apoint.DeviceDesc% = MouFilter_Inst,*AUI0301 ; DELL Bondi /Benz

For the Fujitsu pointing device

%DEVICE_NAME% = ApPS2_Inst,*PNP0F13,*PNP0F03,*PNP0F0E,*PNP0F0B,*PN P0F12

Both hardware device IDs match the *PNP0F13 I have not encountered this
problem before with sysprep and I'm not sure how to fix this. I would not
be opposed to modifying the correct INF so that it would be a better match
but then that would make it unsigned and I believe that windows would
still choose the wrong one for that reason.