FYI - This is an interesting issue...

I made a copy of my console1 prior to installing the ZFD 6.5 snapins.
The copy with the 4.0.1 IR4 snapins will not open the properties of a user
object now that I've upgraded the back-end to ZFD 6.5. If you double-click
the user object or, right-click and select properties, nothing happens.

The version same version of Console1 with the ZFD 6.5 snapins works as it

I then checked the Console1 on several other computers and they have the
same problem if the older 4.0.1IR4 snapins are installed.

Obviously, I can install the ZFD snapins but, the point of keeping the older
version was to allow administration of the 4.x objects not supported in 6.5.