On a Netware 6 sp3 server, is it okay to run these together:

Zfd 4-IR4a (interim release 4a)
Console 1.3.6
NJVM 1.4.2

I've gone through so many TIDs that I feel like a dog chasing its own
tail. Several TIDs on ConsoleOne 1.3.6 and NJVM 1.4.x warn about ZfD 4 not
being supported. I currently have Zfd 4 installed on the Netware 6 sp3
server and have not done much with it. I want to upgrade to Zfd 4.0.1 and
apply the latest patches before start fiddling with it more. I'm new to

Here are two (final?) docs I'm looking at:

Post ZfD4SP1b/4.0.1 Interim Release - TID2969103 (last modified 23JUN2004)

"ZfD IR4a includes support for Novell ConsoleOne version 1.3.6. The
Interim Release has been thoroughly tested with this version of

NJVM v.1.4.2 SP1 does not support zfd 4 sp1
per http://www.novell.com/documentation/.../readme142.txt

My question comes down to: will NJVM 1.4.2 play nicely with Zfd IR4a? or
should I stay with NJVM 1.3.x and Console 1.3.5? Thanks for your help.

Meiling Li