We have a NW5.0 server w/ the Zenworks2 starter pack that came w/ the OS
installed and currently run Citrix MetaFrame XP w/o any problems. We
have about 25 users that login to NW using the "Dynamic Local User"
although anyone we add to the MetaFrame group can login using Citrix. We
are installing NW6.5 on a brand new server and will be taking the old one
down. From all of the documetation I have read, we MUST use Zenworks for
Citrix users to access NW6.5 (as no "starter pack" is included w/ this
OS, bummer). We are interested in purchasing Zenworks 6.5, but don't
know exactly how many licenses we need to purchase. Should we only
purchase licenses for those who are using Citrix AT THE SAME TIME??? Or
should we purchase licenses for all of the users? We don't really
understand how the Zenworks licensing works or how it is supposed to be
configured. Any help would be greatly appreciated.