I have found on the ZEN 6.5 CD SOFTWAREPACKING the AdminStudio for ZEN.
It is a smaller Version of Installshields AdminStudio 5.5
There is no problem to install it but when you open it you will have to
place in an serial number. We have license keys for desktop management
and for the patch management, but I cant find anywhere informations if
the AdminStudio need a special license. The website of Installshield
tell only that you can upgrade to full PRO version for 300 $. On Novell
you find nothing about licensing this product or even that it exisst.
(You will be only redirected to the ZEN 6.5 Product site when you look
after AdminStudio)
Do anybody know if it have to be licensed separate? And when yes, where?
Because Installshield is not slling any licenses for this version.