OK, so the subject is a little odd, but that is how I feel now after a week
of nights up until 2am learning all I can about Zenworks. I have setup a
test lab at home, initially installed NW5.1 and Zfd3.2 and bumbled my way
into that, then added a NW6sp5 server in and started installing Zen 6.5 into
the same tree, still not knowing alot about 3.2 but learning as I go. Along
the way I am learning about DNS servers, Imanage, Iprint etc so it is all
good knowledge (though my brain hurts a bit) in the long run.
My plan is to install a version of Zen at my work where I administer about
100 PC's once I feel comfortable enough to do so. I see there is a training
course coming up in October in Vancouver, BC (closest place to me) on Zfd4.
I had previously asked in one of the forums about what version of Zen to go
with and about possibly hiring someone to install it. Now I am more leaning
toward making myself more of an "expert" (or as near as possible) and doing
the install myself. I'd like to take that course in October but I believe
Shaun said a prerequisite was to have had the Zfd3 training. Is that
strictly true or will they let me in anyway? On the other hand I am thinking
I maybe should look for a class in Zen6.5 since I am working with that
(downloaded) and have not yet seen version 4 (though I imagine it is more
similar to 6.5 than 3.2?) Mind you if I keep up the pace of the learning
curve I have been on this last week I won't need to even go <grin>, but my
brain will have overheated or exploded by then!
I realize this post is perhaps more commentary than question, but what I am
really getting at is looking for some advice on best training routes, best
books to acquire (anything like Craig's Bordermanager books available for
Zenworks?) and also if you think I am just plain crazy to go this on my own.
I am a fast study and so I take to self-learning well and am willing to
dedicate the time to it as much as possible (who needs a life anyways?)
Would I be able to pick the collective's brains here on installation design
if I explained the production tree it will eventually go into?
I think at this point I am going to delete everything and start my test lab
over again as I want to try a fresh 6.5 install without 3.2 in the tree to
confuse me.
I'm thinking by the time I am ready (probably the fall) for a full Zen
rollout at work that it will be 6.5 anyway.
Thanks for listening to this long spiel and for any comments, questions or
outburts you may have.