I am trying to install Zenworks onto one of our servers. I am receiving
the folling error at the end of the install:

Pre-install steps completed successfully
RM Server components NOT installed on MEDIA
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on
MEDIA. Error: Error copying files to server. Be sure that no ZENworks
Desktop Management files are open or locked.

Zen 4 was running on this server. I have removed all lines in the
autoexec.ncf. I have deleted all zen objects in ConsoleOne. I have
deleted (what I thought was) all the directories and files pertaining to
zen 4 from the server. I run java -killall and java -exit before
starting the installation. We have also checked to make sure there were
no workstations with the zenagents turned on.

I am just not finding any files that could be locked?? Anyone else run
into this or have any suggestions.


Aaron McLaughlin

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