I am upgrading my NetWare servers from 5.1sp6 to 6.5sp2 and as part of this
upgrading my current install of ZEN 3.2 to ZEN 6.5.

I am planning on installing two NW65 servers, clustered and attached to an
EMC CLARiiON CX400. One will store the user data and the other one will run
iPrint and ZEN 6.5 apps (DB, WKS Import etc). Both the servers are DELL
PowerEdge 2650's with 2gigs of RAM 2 X P4 Xeon 2.8gig.

The number of users that will be accessing this cluster are about 400.

The applications are currently delivered via the NAL from a build point on
the main file server through a drive mapping.

Can someone tell me whether the middle tier performance would be best on the
server holding the data or the server running iPrint and all the ZEN apps
(DB, WKS Import etc).