I have a license for Zen for Desktops 6.5 (not the whole suite)

When I go to the download area I see the follwing iso's

ZEN65_PersonalityMigration.iso 156.9 MB
ZEN65_DesktopMgmt.iso 671.5 MB
ZEN65_ServerMgmt.iso 605.6 MB
ZEN65_HandheldMgmt.iso 409.6 MB
ZEN65_LinuxMgmt.iso 474.2 MB
ZEN65_PatchMgmt.iso 261.0 MB
ZEN65_Companion2.iso 489.5 MB
ZEN65_Companion1.iso 618.4 MB
ZEN65_DataMgmt.iso 135.1 MB
ZEN65_SoftwarePackaging.iso 570.0 MB

What's included in the desktop version? As far as I can tell the
Desktopmgmt.iso, the 2 companion cd's, Patchmgmt. I think also
SoftwarePackaging but I'm not sure. What is the Datamgmt iso?