I've recently updated from ZEN4.01 to ZEN6.5. I have WindowsXPsp1, ZEN
agent, NW6.5sp2 running Apache2 and ZEN MiddleTier server
on port 80. I can authenticate to the MT server using
http://ipaddress/oneNet/NSADMIN. Authentication domain is set to IP
address of MT server and context is O and users exist under OU.O.

After I enter credentials into ZEN agent GINA the screen brings up the
background color of the user's desktop and then reboots. If I enter the
wrong password, I get an error. If I enter the correct password, I get
through to the background color. I have a test user and an admin user.
Each user has a different background color (blue and brown) through a
policy setting and I see the different color of each user after I hit
enter on the GINA - but after a couple of seconds, the workstation

With these clues, I believe I am authenticating properly to the MT
server. I did not set the application launcher or explorer to start
when windows starts. I can select workstation only and login just fine.

Any ideas?