Here is something I thought I would post to let everyone know, make a TID
someone, please.

We just upgraded to ZEN 6.5 Our workstations were Client 4.9 sp1 (no no)
and our zen agent/Nal laucher was

When we started Consoleone 1.3.6c and tried to create an Application from an
AXT, Consoleone would crash, close out.

We upgraded to Client 4.9 sp2. During the install, we receive the warning
that Netidentity was incompatable with the version of Zen we had installed
and did not install (so we thought). We tried launch console one again, and
it crashed again.

We then tried to install the new ZFD agent and could not because it
complained that Net Identity was installed. Keep in mind we had the ZEN
agent already installed.

We went into the control panel and sure enough, netidentity was installed.
We removed it and installed the new ZEN agent. It installed this time.

We then ran c1 and everything worked perfectly.

Client sp2 seems to have a "few" issues. Hum? When is sp2a coming? *)


Tom Hafemann