Hi all,

I've got a client who's been putting off upgrading from Zenworks for
Desktops 3.02 (not 3.2!) to 4.01. Well, they just received notice that
ZfD6.5 is available on their portal, and rather than upgrading to 4.01, we
thought that we'd just go straight to 6.5.

The problem is that according to the docs, you need to be at least at a
patched revision of ZfD3.2 in order to upgrade. This client has a pretty
fair number of application objects that they use (more than 100). Do we
really need to upgrade to 4.01 first, and then go to 6.5? If we weren't to
do so, would the app objects continue to work? They really don't need the
inventory DB, so it would be no big deal to lose that. If we do upgrade to
4.01 as an intermediate step, how much configuration would we need to do
before upgrading the rest of the way to ZfD6.5?

Another question is in regards to their hardware... The client is a fairly
small school, and they've got three servers. A main NW6.0 file and print
server (all 3 servers are NW6.0), a BorderManager server, and their ZfD
server, which also acts as their GroupWise and Backup server. I'm wondering
if this might be too much for the server.