We recently upgraded our login servers to NW 6.5 SP2 which were running ZfD
3.2 SP2. ZENWorks seems to be running fine with this setup (except for an
inventory issue).

We are now working towards implementing ZfD 6.5 though which says that when
you upgrade from ZfD 3.2 that you should have SP3 installed. I was looking
into the requirements for SP3 and it only mentions installing ZFD SP3 on NW
6.5 SP1.

Basically to cut to the question, I would like to know the best thing to do
in this situation. Should we upgrade to ZfD SP3 on our NW6.5 SP 2 servers
even though there is no documentation on it (atleast that I have seen) or do
an upgrade from ZEN 3.2 SP2 to ZEN 6.5 in a month or to without service pack

We will probably be moving to one new centeral ZfD server when we migrate to
Zfd 6.5