I am installing on a Single Windows 2003 Server and want to have ZEN for
Desktops v6.5 working and a Windows XP Client without Novell client, only
the ZEN Agents.

I have already found that IIS v6 on Windows 2003 is not supported for
iManager - hence I removed it and went with Apach and Tomcat - that went ok.

I have Windows Server 2003, Novell Client 49 SP1, eDirectory 8.7.3,
ConsoleOne, iManager and ZEN for Desktops v6.5.

I am having a problem with Middle Tier - I have installed the IIS Admin
service and managed to get the Middle Iier install to complete, but I get an
error at the end ...

there was an error installing zenworks dekstop management on ws2003-ent-1.
error: could not read httpd.conf or adminserv.conf file for retrieving the
port number: error: null

Thanks for any assistance