OK I have setup an automated method for distributing the Mangement Agent
6.5 without ZEN on a network with no domains. Now the problem I am
having is with machines that have the Client32 ZEN 3.x Workstation
Manager components. It looks like machines that have the 3.x components
are having all 3.x components removed except the Workstation manager
when the 6.5 agent install. Then after the restart the machines get a
WMRUNDLL error. If I go into the Network Connection properties and
remove the workstation manager, this problem goes away. Also If I run
Client32's NWSETUP /U with a unattent.txt file that removes all
components then this problem goes away.

Before I go push this out to everyone I'm looking for a way to automate
the removal of the Worksation Manager. Is there a way to do this from
the command line. I can't run the NWSETUP /U because it requires answers
to dialog boxes. I tried ACU and it doesn't remove the components. Is
there a command line such as one that removes services that might remove
this component. If I run snapshot and remove this object and look at the
registry entries removed, I guess that might work but are different
client versions different. Does anyone have an easy solution?


John Jakus