Hi everyone! This is the issue I am having. I have downloaded all of the
zenworks 6.5 products I need in .iso format. I just place them on my
desktop. Next I use undisker to open them. It does this fine and shows
no errors with the images. This is where part of my problem is and I am
wondering if anyone else has this problem?: the zenworks desktop
management .iso file had errored out on me every time. I have downloaded
it 3 times, get clear to the undisker program and begin to extract the
files. It always ends with missing .dll file (i'm sorry don't have them
right here but if needed I can get them!).

The other products extract ok to a folder on my network drive. From here
I use Nero to burn my cd's. I put them in, they auto start but when it
comes tyme to choose a product to install it fails like this: if I wanted
to install desktop management it has a little pop up window that says "
please install zenworks 6.5 desktop management" and click OK. As soon as I
clik OK it just vanishes. Closes or whatever it just disappears. I am at
a total loss. It does this for all the products I have. As soon as I
click on OK to continue the programs shut down. I would appriciate any
help anyone could offer. Thanks and have a great day!