We have just updated from Zen 3.2 Sp3 to ZEN 6 (also running N/W 5.1 and
Client 4.90 SP1). We are having problems with users being presented with
Microsoft logins instead of Netware.

I have found a TID that says how to force them back by logging in with Admin
Rights or using RegEdit and a Remote connection (but they keep resetting to
Microsoft). It also says we should set the ZfD 4 policy for a ZEN login,
which we have done. Finally, it says we should set an NT Client, Advanced
Login policy for Initial Novell Login. We cannot do this, becuase no such
policy option is available.

I suspect this is because we have managed to overwrite the appropriate
Console One snapin. Which version of which snapin provides this

Thanks, in advance.

Dick Knowles