Ok, I'm not going to annoy everyone by asking what is going to happen
when I do this, I'm going to put forth my plan of action and let
everyone poke holes in it. Shaun should especially enjoy this. :-)

Ok, here's the situation. I've got a Netware network with 4 NW6.5sp2
servers, and 1 relic of a 5.1 server. The 5.1 is running workstation
import, ws removal, and inventory.

My understanding from reading the docs is that if I don't install ZDM
6.5 to the same server then it's not an "upgrade" it's a new install.
Since I don't want to keep the old server around this is a Good Thing
for me.

So my plan is to install ZDM to my cluster (which has the imaging
proxy server running on it already) and then shut down the 5.1/ZfD3
server once I get to critcal mass with the workstation agents.

I realize I'm going to lose my inventory (and I'm happy about it too),
and that the 3.0 inventory feature won't work with the new inventory
server, so I'm planning on disabling the inventory scanning well in
advance of the shutdown so that doesn't cause any errors.

From my reading thus far I am expecting the ZDM install to either a)
update my policy objects with the new options, or b) create new
objects for 6.5. I'm not clear which it is from the docs. Can
someone clarify this for me?

I haven't seen a lot on this yet (still reading), but do the
import/removal services still work like they did in 3.0?

Also a question on the Software Packaging studio. I understand you
have to get a code from Installshield to install it. Will they give
you a code for an eval or do I have to wait until I have my license in
hand to try out the admin studio?

I know this is probably all answered in the docs, but I need to get
moving on this project and the docs are too long for me to read
everything before getting started.