I am currently running one zfd 4.01 ir4 server. I didn't upgrade to
it4a. Didn't know if I really need to. I would like to upgrade zfd
6.5. Couple of questions.

1- All my client are running the ir4 management agent. Do i need to
upgrade the management agents on all my PCs before I can use zfd 6.5?
2- If a 4.01 ir4 agent can talk to a zfd 6.5 server do I need still need
the snapins for zfd 4.01 ir4?
3- What Novell client is best for zfd 6.5? cnt4.9sp1a or cnt4.9sp2
4- What is the best upgrade path? Upgrade server, then eventually
upgrade the clients to get all the full zfd 6.5 functionality? I
currently am not using a middle tier server. I have everything running
on a NW 6.5 sp1 server.

thanks for the help