Hi ,

We are trying to decide wether to make the leap from 3.2 to 6.5
without going to 4.01. All our servers are running ZFD 3.2 sp2 at
this point. We are changing our tree design and have implemented new
servers at several sites in new containers that do not have ZFD 3.2
installed on them. My questions are:

Will I have to perform the complete ZFD SP3 install before going
forward with installing 6.5 on the new servers? Or can I just do the
schema extensions (if any for 3.2 from the SP) and then do the install
of 6.5 staright away to just the new servers in their new containers?

What if any changes will occur to the 3.2 objects or can they coexist
while we transistion to 6.5 once it is installed.

Are there any dependancies in 6.5 that will cause the install to fail
if 3.2 SP3 is not installed or is it referencing SP3 as a requisite
because it is the lasted ZFD SP for 3.2?

Any and all comments or suggestions welcomed.....