Zenworks is currently set up to create volatile user accounts based on
the novell client logon at my work. Each time a user logs in it is taking
whatever settings are in the hidden default within the documents and
settings folder. The reason we are doing it this way is because before my
boss didn't have novell set up for volatile users and zenworks would keep
creating user accounts based on the client login user. For instance, if
you logged into the client under the username JBrooks, it would then
create a user account under that name and it would remain there. As you
can imagine, just having a few people logging in would create more user
accounts on any machine than we wanted so my boss changed it to volatile
user accounts. Unfortunately, because many of the machines aren't too
quick, it will take quite a while for windows to load because it has to
keep recreating that account. It can also take quite a while for them to
log off because it's deleting that account, which brings me to my next
problem. Many of the machines keep running into two different "program
shutdown" type errors when trying to log off, restart, or shutdown. The
two errors are an end program now window popup for either EXPLORER.EXE or
NALSHELLULLPCWINDOW. After trying to shutdown, restart, or log off,
windows will just sit there and act as though it's doing nothing and then
finally one of these two errors will pop up and then clicking end now
will finally bring the computer to log off. This has become quite a

If anyone can come up with any possible solutions to these problems that
would be great. Also, if you think that there's a better way of managing
this entirely then I would also like to hear. Maybe we shouldn't go with
volatile user accounts. I'm the tech at a middle school and everyone is
coming back to work with complaints and such so any helpful advice would
be great. Thanks a lot.

Johnny Brooks
Tech @ Pioneer Middle School