Ok, here is my plan or rather thoughts on upgrading from ZfD 3.0SP1 to Zfd
6.5. I don't care at this point if the ZfD 3.0 stuff stops working, this is
a small environment with two sites. I have one database, an import/removal
server here and one at the remote site with the clients at the remote site
connecting to the database server here for inventory.

My plan:

Upgrade NW6SP2 servers to SP5
Upgrade Java to 1.4.2
Rem out the Zfdstart.ncf files in the autoexec.ncf on all servers
Disable the "@\\SERVERNAME\sys\public\nalexpld.exe /NS" from running in
login scripts.
Remove associations from all application objects
Upgrade clients to 4.9sp2 with ACU
Install Zfd 6.5
Enable the "@\\SERVERNAME\sys\public\nalexpld.exe /NS" from running in login
Create Application object to push out ZfD 6.5 Agents.
Continue with the required configuration of ZfD6.5 and start using it.

Any holes in this plan that anyone can see?