I was upgrading from zfd4.0.1 agent to 6.5 agent on XP sp1 workstations.
Some had 4.8.3 clients, some with 4.9x clients.
I created an app using the MSI file for the agent. When the app installed,
there were several PC's that had problems. After the PC's rebooted, and xp
was booting up, the screen would remain black where they should have shown
the login screen. Some PC's would remain in that state, others would wait
several minutes before they got a login screen and even then it would show
the novell login screen with the 'workstation only' box checked and if the
user tried to uncheck that and log into Novell, the PC would give a network
error message. If the user selected the workstation only login, the PC
would continue to log into windows and work OK with the exception of not
being able to perform a Novell login.
I haven't found a common denominator on these workstations but if anyone has
heard of this and found a fix, please post. Thx.