We have upgraded from ZfD4.0.1 to ZfD6.5. We have Netware 6 sp5 and Netware 6.5 sp2 Servers with XPsp1 workstations w/Novell Client 4.9sp1a and Zfd Agent
Whenever I upgrade the ZFD Agent on one of the XP boxes either manually or by Zen (force cache delivered MSI), all components selected for install (MSI-Properities- ADDLOCAL etc.) There are three options that are not upgraded/installed: (Application Management, Remote Management w/Mirror Driver, and Workstation Imaging). Even if I rerun the Zen MSI the components are not installed. I have to run the install a second time manually and select the missing compontents. Then it installs correctly. I have no clue way this happens.