I'd like some advice on an upcoming upgrade I'm going to attempt. We
currently have a Zfd3.2 sp3 configuration with a range of nodes from W95
to WinXP SP1.
Having read the documentation, I have garnered the following info:

- workstations have to be W98SE or better
- I cannot install zfd 6.5 on a NW5.1 server (ruling out an upgrade)
- zfd6.5 agents cannot send inventory data to a zfd3.2

I have a new server that I would like to install zfd 6.5 on to with
Netware 6.5. The only problem is, how do I maintain inventory while I
upgrade all my clients to the base OS requirement and install the agents
when I cannot upgrade my Zfd 3.2 server (due to only running NW5.1)?? Is
it all or nothing?

My NW5.1 servers are running eDir 8.7.1, however. Does this help?

Any help appreciated.