Hello all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have had this problem since the
beginning of summer and it hasn't gone away so I figured that I'd see if any
of you can help.

I am seeing inconsistencies when I import systems into ZfD 6.5 (I have
recently upgraded from 4.01 but saw the same problems then as well).

When I import my Windows XP systems (running c32 4.9) using zwsreg, it
always says successfully imported... when I have the policy turned on. The
problem is that it does not appear to consistently write the ZISD to the
drive. The object shows up in NDS, but I can not remotely control it or
image it. If I do the zwsreg command a few times (e.g. 10 times in a row in
DOS), it will eventually write the data.

Any suggestions? Perhaps my image has finally bit the biscuit and it's time
for me to rebuild it ( I've been using it since the 4.83 client). I'm out
of ideas...

Thanks again!

Jeff Smith
Integrated Technology Services
University of New Brunswick, CANADA