We're having a weird problem. When we try to run the installation programs
from the Zenworks for Desktop Management CD we'll get up to 3rd screen
(after the initial splash and language selection screens) when we run into
the problem. No matter what choice we try (Schema extension and product
licensing, Desktop management services, middle tier server, or desktop
management agents) with the exception of Documentation, we'll get a splash
screen then nothing. The machine is NOT hung, No error messages, just
nothing running. If we go into the \zenworks\sfiles\bin folder and try
to run the setup.exe file we get the splash screen and then an error
message that says "No Java Specified". We've tried reburning the ISO file
on different burners and we've tried running the install on different
workstations. We get the same issues.
Has anyone had a similar issue or does anyone have any ideas??