Running Netware 4.11 attempting to install Zenworks 6.5 beta eval.

When I try to extend the schema I get the following

08/27/04 10:06:51 am -- ZENworks Schema Extension Summary for LSLAB

08/27/04 10:06:51 am -- Processing ..\..\schema\schema.txt
08/27/04 10:06:52 am -- Schema extension failed
for ..\..\schema\dmpolicy.sch
08/27/04 10:06:52 am -- ERROR: Unable to extend schema for schema file
dmpolicy.sch. Error code: -64108/27/04 10:06:52 am -- ERROR: There was a
problem extending the schema. There may be a problem with your
directory. Use NWConfig to diagnose and repair any problems, then re-run
the schema extension

What's up with that?