Hi all,
We currently have ZFD 4 SP1b installed, but we don't really use it very
much. We would like to start using it more, and we also have the
opportunity to migrate to Zen 6.5. A few questions that arise:

1) Is Zen 6.5 an evolution of ZFD 4, or a completely different product?
2) Our knowledge of ZFD 4 will allow us to get used to Zen 6.5 quickly?
3) Is the upgrade a complicated process?
4) Will our current policies be migrated, or will we have to create them
from scratch?
5) Is workstation management enhanced when compared to ZFD 4?
6) What would be the main benefits of moving from one environment to the

My main concern are W2k workstations, but we do have something like 10-15
servers, Netware and W2k...