Ok folks, here's my scenario:

I currently work in a reasonably large environment with about 2000
workstations (XP, XPSP1) running Novell Client 4.83SP1. Server side, we
have NW6 SP3 running edir 8.6.2 throughout our tree, and ZfD3.2 with no
service packs installed on one server. Although quite clunky on XP, this
configuration has done a reasonable job so far.

Recently, due to various things not working with XP, we decided to
upgrade to Zenworks 6.5 Desktop Management. What we are struggling with
is the correct procedure to get to 6.5 from our non-support packed
version of 3.2.

Here's our list of issues, which is mainly client-based:

- we need to keep the Novell client. We have to go to the 4.9sp1a/2
client, but we can't as the zfd3.2 components in it do not work with
ZfD3.2 with no service packs.

- we can't upgrade ZfD3.2 to SP3, as our 4.83SP1 clients do not work with
this version of zenworks.

- relating to both of the above; we definitely have to get to the 4.9
client for compatibility issues with the 6.5 agent (according to the

- Is there a version of Zfd3.2 we can use that works with both the
4.83SP1 and 4.9SP2 clients?

- Would it be easier to go to ZfD4 first, then upgrade to 6.5?

Other things:

- we don't need to preserve inventory, as we aren't using this feature

- if we do get around our client issues, can we use both zen environments
concurrently while we upgrade the clients? Will things like remote
control work in both environments?

Any help much appreciated. This is a tricky one!