I'm trying to install zenworks 6.5 but the install is unsuccesful when
trying to unloading java (JVM.NLM) an sybase (DBSRV8.NLM), it keeps on
complaining that both are still loaded.

When i check the console java is still busy (Continuing to clean op
resources in the background...) and cpu load is high (86%). I tried this
many times and did several reboots without any progress. I also tried to
manually unload java and sybase, same problem. Both unload commands just
freeze at the console.
The server is netware 6.5 and already has a few zenworks 6.5 beta
components and i want to install the zenworks 6.5 final version over the

Currently i'm trying to wait and see what happens, maybe it gets
unloaded eventually? I'll soon run out of coffee though, so if anyone
has any sugestions, hurry!