Dear all
We have to roll-out ZENworks for Desktops for client with 5 offices and 120
users in total.
In every office we have 1 Netware 6.5 Server (with exactly the same file
structures). The offices are connected with a 2Mb leased line to the
The client has 120 pc's (identical HP Evo d530) and wants to rollout /
manage these pc's with ZFD, eyery pc has exactly the same applications
installed. We planned to deploy the OS using imaging and the applications
(Office, Acrobat and business-management software) using MSI-packages.
The source files (images and applications) shall reside on every server (not
downloaded through the leased line).
Regarding the NDS design we have under the organization object different

OU=Users (containing all the user objects)

Within the loction OU's are the specific NW servers and their objects.
Now it is planned to have a Workstation OU under every location OU
containing the respective workstations.

How do we have to deploy ZFD? I guess i have to install WS Import on every
server and also th imaging service.
We like to have the Application objects in one single OU on the same level
as the Users and location OU's.

Is this a practical way to deploy ZFD or do you recommend any other design?
I have to say, that we cannot change that much on the NDS structure, because
people are working on these servers with the old workstations.

Looking forward for your feedback.
Regards, Werner Henz