We have a new Zenworks 6.5 License.
The servers are three netware 6 servers with nw6sp5, java 1.4.2 and
console one 1.3.6.c.
Until Monday we used Zenworks 2 without any problems.

Now we want to update. First, I installed a testserver in a new tree
with nw6sp5, java 1.4.2 and console one 1.3.6.c.
Everything works fine!!!!

__________________________________________________ __________________

Yesterday I began to update the liveservers .... and it chrashed ....
Even when I start the "first step of installation" (in german ist`s
called "Schemaerweiterung und Lizensierung") the program said everything
is well. But I can`t see any licenseobject in the tree (root of the tree
or anyway).
The second step of the installation starts and then opened a window with
(may be) "restart the licensing, couldn`t install license". The other
installations (most of them) don`t makes problems but at the end there
is an errormessage.

If you want to see the logfiles have a look here:

I think, the first most important problem you can see in the file
there at line 928 until 930 (search for "license" or better "smile")

I hope, you can help?!

Norbert Kordewiner / germany / niedersachsen

I searcht for help in a german language forum too, see: