Try to figure out what to install where with ZDM 6.5. I have two servers at
this location, one that is a small single SCSi drive server that is used for
the ZfD 3.0 Import/Export, inventory and database and the main file and
print server that I think 3.0 installed desktop management stuff on. I'm
wondering at this point if I should be puting any (maybe snap-ins) of ZDM
6.5 on the file/print server and just installing it all on the one server.

The clients (about 200) will be pulling applications from the file and print
server for performance reasons so would that mean I should be puting the
Desktop Management Services w/snap-ins on this server and everything else on
the other server. I also don't want to cause performance issues with the
small single drive server when it is doing imaging work.

The implimentation DOC's for 3.0 were great, I see nothing regarding
implimentation recommendations for 6.5.